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The purpose of this site is to facilitate the people of Lifegate Church providing for one another’s needs. We are known for our Outrageous Generosity, and this site provides a way for us to bless others who are in need, or to provide out of our own abundance.

Social Code

General Information:

This social code is an ethical guide by which users and administrators of Lifegate Classifieds guide their decisions regarding appropriate and acceptable postings. Violation of any part of the Social Code may result in the termination of one’s account.


Ø  All listings are posted free of charge. Neither Lifegate Church nor any of Lifegate Classifieds administrators may profit or seek to profit from services provided.

Ø  All goods and services listed on Lifegate Classifieds are free of charge. No individuals or groups may profit or seek to profit from the goods or services provided.

Ø   All goods and services provided must be in at least good/gently used condition. Please make sure that any description provided is complete and accurate. Remember, we “give our freshest and our best”, even when we give what we no longer need.

Ø  All users agree to make direct contact with the individual making the post to exchange the item/goods listed.

Ø  Any job posting must include an employer/company name, contact information, job title, description, and salary range.

Ø  It is the responsibility of the person posting to remove their ad from the website when the good/service/position is no longer available.

Ø  Lifegate Classifieds is open to users 19 and older who are part of a Lifegate campus. To post or view listings on Lifegate Classifieds, individuals must have a Lifegate user account.


Disclaimer:  Lifegate Church does not endorse and assumes no liability regarding the accuracy, quality and/or validity of any of this information, posted on Lifegate Classifieds. These listings are provided as an information-only service to the user, and use of this information shall be at the sole discretion of the user.


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